Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Just like the concept of gravity says, what goes up, must come down. There is a spiritual law that affects every decision we make. It's probably the most profound and divine moment of your life when it comes to your purpose. It's the reason you were born, the reason you died, and the reason you're still alive. The fact is your purpose has nothing to do with you, but more so, you are the piece of the harmony of this world and, most importantly, God. I see so many people making this decision based on how this will financially support them. Anything based on self-interest has nothing to do with harmony and everything to do with autonomy. Separation is created by autonomy, and separation is our world's self-destructive button.

Your purpose is harmony and to be in harmony is peace. Peace is what every human desires. They will do whatever it takes to reach it. 

Harmony is simply being, not forcing it, but seeing yourself in your natural state and allowing what flows through you to manifest in the world.


Bundle package 

  • Journal 
  • Course 
  • Networking Hacks 
  • 5 essential tools to start your business under $100
  • A least of contacts where you can volunteer 
  • 2 x 1-hour purpose therapy Coaching 
  • Purpose therapy Assessment

Purpose Therapy Journal & Course